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The opening to ‘ 2001 A Space Odyssey ‘ as originally scored by Alex North

December 23, 2014

Very early on in production, Stanley Kubrick had commissioned noted Hollywood Composer Alexander North to score his now legendary Sci Fi epic 2001… North had previously worked with Kubrick on Spartacus, and was also responsible for scoring such classics as Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf and A Streetcar Named Desire. Kubrick completely unenthused with what North had delivered, chose to abandon his music entirely in favor of the now-familiar classical pieces he had earlier chosen as merely “guide pieces” for the soundtrack. This fact completely unbeknownst to the Composer, who initially discovered the absence of his score, while actually attending the 1968 premiere screening in New York City.  
Some Bloke on Youtube was kind enough to do a re-edit, restoring Alex North’s original musical accompaniment to the opening titles and a bit of the first scene. Click on the image to below to behold the results

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