The Apple Pippin: The Future of Gaming

November 7, 2014
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If you were not born pre-1995, you will not understand the awesomeness of the following video:

A couple of items worth noting:

1. Unboxing videos have been around for way longer than we thought.

2. And you thought $500 for the Playstation 4 was steep.

3. The Apple Jack Controller complete with trackball

4. Blazing 28.8 KB internet connection, maximum resolution of 640×480, and those fancy analog connections that can easily hook up to your COLOR television (yes, they emphasized color television).

5. Touted as “better than the Sega Saturn” (and that’s not saying much)

6. Did you recognize the sleek design of that modem? Sexy!

7. That Donley Kong shirt…

8. Yes children, there was a time when you COULD NOT use the internet and your landline phone at the same time.

9. Apparently, the Pippin resembled that of a giant disc man.

10. You can totally jam out to Pearl Jam or the Wallflowers with this bad boy. The Pippin also plays CD’s.

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