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Rave Party Vegas USA

June 2, 2015

Back in the day while living in Vegas I used to try and throw rave parties. I honestly was never very good at it. They always seemed to get shut down by the cops, or the venue would fall through at the last minute. Mission to Endor was the first party I threw. I had the genius idea to come up with the whole snappy Star Wars concept, and I partnered up with a graphic artist dude that could do the flyers. He’s the one who came up with that cheesy Vortex logo. I remember this one candy girl Nicole singing a little ditty she had made up in honor of the grand event “We’re going on a mission, A Mission to Endor” The venue was a big bust and we ended up having to return a bunch of the pre-sale money. Giving all that money back to people was a real drag. In conclusion; A rather small and sad make up party went down in the parking lot of the infamous Cande Factory .

Anyways I will scan and post more of my flyers as they materialize.





Kerboom_0001 The KerBoom Teasers



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