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Jeff Hong Kills It With “Punktendo”

November 6, 2014

Did you know that animation storyboard artist, Jeff Hong, has fused 8-bit classic Nintendo video games with punk rock? Did you know that you can play titles such as Duckless Hunt, Racist Alley and The Original Gay Popeye with just the keyboard that is staring back at you this very second? Like, right now…for free. Your welcome.


But before you waste an evening (as you should) enjoying Punktendo, take the time to check out Jeff Hong’s work. He’s the real deal with a pretty impressive resume. He’s collaborated with the likes of Disney, Fox and Nickelodeon. Not to mention, his Unhappily Ever After series, where Disney heroes experience the hard knocks of real life,  has been featured and praised by everyone, and I do mean everyone.


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