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Live from the Red carpet

May 10, 2014

Check out this gloriously delightful clip of Intellivision President Keith Robinson and myself discussing the mass appeal of gaming, as well as art and movies and everything else with Nic Baisley of Unfortunately I am way shorter than the 2 fellows I’m standing in between, and I appear to all of a sudden be talking quite a bit with my hands. Keith on the other hand is busy hocking Astrosmash t-shirts, and proudly declaring that the ever so wacky Sheldon character on that one popular fako nerd prime time show is often seen sporting the stylish garb.

In other news at the screening we did in Yonkers last week, 4 old curmudgeons seated right in the front row all huffed out during the intro part of my q&a. Public speaking truly never gets old.

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